Sankao Coffee Table

by Henkalab


Sankao: from japanese 三顔, meaning "three faces".

Sankao coffee table is an elegant, daring and cutting edge piece of furniture based on an evolutionary concept of circular geometries, which grow and develop as a living being until they manage to adapt to an environment and a function. The purity of the original shape is altered through simple transformations. By doing so, both structure and utility are solved maintaining the original essence, becoming a more complex and organic object.


Each signed and numbered piece of furniture is conveniently packed in a wooden box for maximum care.

Solid Charcoal Ash, oil and natural wax finish.
Height: 42 cm / Width: 120 cm / Length: 120 cm. Weight: 33 kg
Woodwork: Vidi design & Pablo Vidiella Víctor Goyás - Maderal VG