Kaona Dining Table


GOLDEN AWARD Novum Design Award 2020, France.

Kaona, abbreviation of Kaonashi: from japanese カオナシ, meaning "no face".

Kaona table arises as an investigation of circular and elliptical geometries through a very simple conceptual sequence of stretching transformations. An ellipse is obtained enlarging a circle, creating a bigger functional surface. By stretching four points of this new geometry four legs start to grow, becomming a new living object. By doing so, the dining area is conveniently lifted from the floor, solving it's structural and functional requirements.


Solid Iroko wood, oil and natural wax finish
Height: 75cm / Width: 138cm ; 122cm (dining area) / Length: 240cm
Woodwork: Vidi design & Pablo Vidiella Víctor Goyás - Maderal VG