Kaona Dining Table

by Henkalab


Kaona, abbreviation of Kaonashi: from japanese カオナシ, meaning "no face".

Kaona table arises as an investigation of circular and elliptical geometries through a very simple conceptual sequence of stretching transformations. An ellipse is obtained enlarging a circle, creating a bigger functional surface. By stretching four points of this new geometry four legs start to grow, becomming a new living object. By doing so, the dining area is conveniently lifted from the floor, solving it's structural and functional requirements.


Series limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Each piece of furniture is packed in a wooden box for maximum care.

GOLDEN AWARD Novum Design Award 2020, France.

WINNER iLuxury Award 2021, USA.

Solid Iroko wood, oil and natural wax finish
Length: 240cm / Width: 138cm ; 122cm (dining area) / Height: 75cm.
Weight: 80 Kg